Hi Y’all!

Thanks for visiting us here and learning more about our story.

Chris and Leslie here - tech nerds turned farmers!

We started on our journey back in 2016 when we bought this 7 acres in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in a little unincorporated spot known as Driftwood. God’s Country!

The Texas Hill Country is famous for many things; Central Texas BBQ - the BEST in the World! - as well as the most beautiful sunsets, abundance of wildlife, proliferation of Texas wildflowers, hot days, cool nights, home of Tito’s Vodka, and some wonderful wineries and breweries are scattered all around us. And Freedom. Don’t forget Freedom. We are very fortunate to be here in the Lone Star State.

Nothing was here but a house. Everything you see today is a result of our hard work, tenacity, commitment, and work ethic. We don’t take vacations. We don’t waste money. And we certainly don’t take anything or anyone who wants to help us for granted.

What we do have is many family and friends who have volunteered their time and skills in assisting us, as well as our wonderful fans who visit us and shop our store! We cannot thank y’all enough.

Chris Corriveau
Leslie Fishlock

Our goal for Fluffy Bottoms Farm is a simple but inclusive one:

To create a fully regenerative farm, self-sustainable gardens and compassionate animal sanctuary, by using all regenerative methods, creating little waste, reusing, recycling, repurposing as much as we can. Creating a safe haven for all animals who want to live the rest of their life happy and pampered. Designing and implementing the most efficient gardening methods, utilizing reclaimed water, amending the soil holistically, and providing the most organic produce available. Being a steward of goodness in our community by providing these services to neighbors and visitors alike. Living humbly and with much gratitude.

Chris and I came from a tech background where we worked all over the US, with clients all over the world, meeting incredible people and working on some pretty bodacious projects. We are very grateful for those 20 years! We have always wanted a farm to grow our own food, raise our own animals, and finally in 2016, all of our dreams came to fruition with the acquisition of Fluffy Bottoms Farm. We started rescuing and adopting dogs previous to moving here and brought them with us. Some with very sad circumstances and made the farm a sanctuary for their FURever home where they flourished.

We are also very concerned with where our food comes from and will endeavor to grow and raise as much of our own, in addition to making all of our own toiletries to avoid harmful seed oils and artificial chemicals. These include our own goat’s milk soap, shampoo bars, liquid body soap, deodorant, lip balms, salves, powders, scrubs and more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about us, follow us on our Social Media channels, subscribe to our emails, send us an email, or call or text. We are always available to share any methods to make your life easier amongst the chaos of the world. Or come take a Farm Tour!

In the morning...

We wish all of you peace and prosperity and hopefully we’ll meet soon - or for all of you who have had the opportunity to visit - see y’all real soon!

Vaya con Dios!

Leslie and Chris & all the Fluffies